Mini USB Desk Portable 360 Rotation Metal Small Fan

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  • 1. USB Powered: The USB source like a computer, portable power bank, wall-plug adapter, etc. makes the fan to run without vibrations.
  • 2. Nice and Soft Wind: There are 3 blades made with the unique cutting process in our portable USB fan. This revolutionary technology allows wind to flow more smoothly and fast. Unlike traditional table fans, aerodynamic design of this mini desk fan can reduce the noise of oscillation. You will only hear a whispering sound when it is operating. Quiet operation makes it perfect to use while working or studying.
  • 3. Strong Airflow: Mini desk fan was used as a powerful upgraded motor and four aluminum blade adjust professional balance technology to enhance the airflow up to (3.1m/s), metal frame, as well an aluminum Fan blade, make the USB fan safe and reliable.
  • 4. 360 Degree Rotation: The direction of this portable electric fan can be manually adjusted 360 degrees, tilt it up or turn it down and make this USB fan directs the airflow according to your need.
  • 5. The Best Customer Service -:With our famous 100% satisfaction, you can have peace of mind. If for any reason you're not completely happy with your purchase - via E-Mail let us know and we will either replace it or refund your money.

An ultra-quiet, low-cost fan, and no vibrations is all set to be delivered to your doorstep. This fantastic product keeps you cool at your workplace, home, or wherever you need a cooling effect.
Voltage: DC 5V
Packing size:7.7*4*7.7 inches
Shipping weight:18.6 ounces

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