Splash-Free Pet Water Feeder Cat Water Fountain

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  • 1. ANTI-SPILL NO MESS Anti-Spill Water Bowl has a specialized floating disk that makes the water level is automatically adjusted that can effectively prevent water from splash and mess trails to your floor. You never more worry mess and wet on the floor.
  • 2. KEEP PET FUR DRY: When your dog or cat drink the water, the water level is automatically adjusted, it can perfectly prevent your pet's mouth from getting wet, avoiding the yellowing of the pet's mouth and preventing the skin disease caused by the wetness of the face.
  • 3. ANTI-DUST AND KEEP WATER CLEAN:  The 2-piece disc welding design prevents dust and dirt from falling into the water, provides clean water for pets, and ensures that your pets drink clean and healthy water.
  • 4. TRAVEL-FRIENDLY: Excellent splash-proof design and bottom anti-slip mats ensure that water does not overflow even on uneven roads. Perfect for use in an RV, SUV, and truck. For the best results, we recommend filling the bowl 2/3 full.
  • 5. WARRANTY GUARANTEED: Made of Reliable Food-Grade ABS materials to give a healthy environment. our team of professionals is constantly working to make you satisfied. We have a lifetime money-back Guarantee. Come and we will respond within 24 hours.

Do you have these problems when your pet using a regular open bowl?
Is the hair around the mouth always wet for your lovely cats or dogs?
Are there always dirty things thrown into the water bowl?
Is it always a mess on the floor after drinking water? 
Veach's dog water bowl solves the problem you met.
1, Suitable for all breeds
It’s a perfect water bowl for dogs, cats, and other pets. A unique design for the Bulldog, Garfield, Golden Retriever, and other pets with long hair or beard.
2, Anti-Gulping
A specialized floating disk that prevents your pet from drinking too quickly, which in return, reduces their chance of vomiting.
3, Anti-Spill Design
Reduces water spill and messy trails to your floors. No more worry about mop the floor every time when your pets have done drink!
4, Keep Water Clean
The cover inside of the bowl protects the water as clean as possible from the dust. No worry about the dirty things would be harmful to your dog. We recommend cleaning it every week.
5, Large Capacity Water Bowl
The whole bowl can hold 50oz of water, enough for your pet to drink a whole day.
It’s also easy to assemble and the disk could be taken apart to clean if there is water inside of the disk.
6, Car-mounted Using
a Unique fixed border design ensures your pets could drink water in the car without wetness and mess. Make your journey with your pet kids more convenient and enjoyable.

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