Pet Grooming Brushes Self Cleaning Slicker Massage Brush for Dogs Cats

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  • Reduces 90% of hair loss:Vech Slicker Brushes with the comfortable stainless steel pins.Not only loose undercoat and eliminates tangles, knots, dander and trapped dirt easily,but also massage acupuncture points exactly.
  • Treat your pets comfortable and relaxed:Vech Pet Grooming Brush are extremely pets friendly.He will enjoy of your sweet services and the happy time with you.
  • Simple and durale design:Vech Deshedding&Dematting Brush with a comfort-grip and anti-slip handle,also remove debris, mats and dead hair easily.And suitable for dogs and cats of Short, Medium or Long fur.
  • Thoughtul gift to all pets owners:Sweetsweet De-Shedding Tool put a wide smile to the lucky pets owner.It will help them short grooming time to 10 minutes.Also save them time,effort and show your excellent taste.
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee:Not just business,but friendship.Give you the best goods and service are Sweetsweet always pursuing.we are friends,any problem please feel free to contact with us.we offer 100% money back guarantee for a long time.

Product Name: Vech Deshedding Brush for Dogs Cats, Self-Cleaning Slicker Brushes 
Pet Grooming Comb, Pet Grooming Brush& Dematting Tool Easily Loose Fur 
Removes Mats and Tangles for pets-Short Medium or Long Hair
Brand: Vech
Material: Stainless Steel
Because of love
The dog is man's best friend
Just like our baby kids
He protect our homes
He guide the blind
He is loyal to his master
He brings us happiness and happiness
But never asks for a pay
We are so lucky to have his companionship
on the road of life!
--by Vech

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