Portable Air Conditioner Fan Usb Personal Mini Air Conditioner With 3-speed

Item Number: G08-0010

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  1. 1. Multi-function: with refrigeration, humidification, air purification and other functions.The air is treated by a built-in filter, which then blows out clean, cool cold air that also has a slight humidifying effect.

  2. 2. This cooling fan is a USB power supply, so it's very useful for both indoor and outdoor use.It can be connected to adapters, power banks, computers, and car chargers for easy use.

  3. 3. Three speed adjustable wind speed, can choose strong wind, stroke and weak wind.

  4. 4. 500ml large capacity water tank, lasting humidification, eliminate the trouble of frequently adding water.

  5. 5. Safe and healthy, just pour water into the tank, you can get fresh and clean air.

  6. This kind of air cooler consumes very little energy and can save you a lot on your electric bill.

  7. 7. Small size, easy to carry.Suitable for home, office, car, outdoor, camping, holiday!

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